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Our Story

Parkin Family Farms® is a Las Vegas based poultry farm located in Spring Valley, Nevada.  We are certified by the Nevada Department of Agriculture.  Producer certificates are issued by the Nevada Department of Agriculture under the authority of NRS 576.128.  Certificate No. “PARKCHA-17”

As of 10/06/2016 we are an Animal Welfare Approved farm.

I am a service-disabled veteran, permanently and totally disabled and unable to work.  This is a simple hobby which I enjoy with my son/caregiver.

Our hens consist of Black Copper Marans and Barnvelders with fresh eggs available daily.

NOTICE: All eggs must be used prior to the expiration date.  It is recommended that you use the eggs within a week so as to enjoy the farm freshness like you have never tasted before.

Please call 702.240.4848 to place your orders.

In Loving Memory

Gusto vom Kraftwerk   (6 year old German shepherd ADA service-dog)

08/20/2010 – 01/28/2017

Q.  Are you certified to sell / donate eggs?

A.  YES, we have been issued our Producer’s Certification which is on file with the Nevada Department of Agriculture.  Certificate No. PARKCHA-17.

Q.  Do you sell eggs?

A.  We DO NOT sell eggs, however, we do “donate” our eggs to local seniors, food banks and families in need.

Q.  Are you Animal Welfare Approved?

A.  Yes, as of October 6, 2016 we are the “ONLY” Animal Welfare Approved farm in Clark County, Nevada.

Q.  Do you accept donations?

A.  We DO NOT accept cash donations.  We receive donated trimmings (greens) and fruit from local grocery stores.  We will always accept a donation of poultry feed but it is not required to receive free eggs.

We order our feed from C-A-L Ranch Store, 232 N Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV  89107  (702) 430-7002.

We feed our laying hens exclusively Purina Layena Plus Omega-3 which comes in a 40# bag.

Donated bags of feed must be recently purchased, un-opened and not expired.