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Our hens are humanely raised. They are free range and are able to take dust baths and eat bugs.  Our eggs come in assorted sizes including Jumbo, X Large, Large, Medium and Small.

Q: How long are the eggs good for?
A:This is a two part answer. First, when the eggs are laid by the hens, they have an outer protein layer on the shell called a “bloom.” This creates an impermeable layer that prevents bacteria from enter into the pores of the egg and keeps the inside moisture from escaping. An unwashed egg with the bloom will remain fresh for 3 months refrigerated and 2 weeks unrefrigerated. Washed eggs need to be refrigerated and can be kept for 2 months. Make sure to wash eggs with warm tap water – as cold water can draw bacteria into the egg.

Q: Do fresh eggs still have the potential to have salmonella?
A: Yes, Please take the normal precautions and assume that there is the potential. When handling unwashed eggs, wash the eggs before use and wash hands after handling. Follow cooking instructions for meat and eggs to ensure proper heat is used.