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Sourland Farm is a family run backyard farm located on top of the Sourland Mountain in Hillsborough Township, NJ. We take pride in offering the freshest natural eggs possible at a reasonable price. We only deal in small quanitities to ensure that you’re getting the freshest eggs, that weren’t sitting around for days or weeks.

Come Visit Our New Self-Serve Farm Stand

Come meet “Ellie” our newest addition to the farm.

“Ellie” is a rescue from S.A.V.E.  She is extremely friendly and loves to run & play. She just adores having visitors and will wiggle around at your feet, only stopping to let you scratch her head or rub her belly. She keeps a watchful eye on the flock and chases off any of the local predators.


Fresh Brown Eggs – $3.25 Dozen

Fertile Hatching Eggs – $1.25 Each

Chicks – $6.00 (Straight Run / Unsexed)

Pullets – $16.00 (Imature Females)

Laying Hens – $20.00 (Mature Females)

Spent Hens / Companion Hens – $10.00 (Non-laying or Stopped Laying)

Roosters – $10.00 (Males)

LIVE” Meat Birds – $10.00 (Roosters or Hens)

Rooster Stud Services – $15.00

Incubator Services – $25.00 (Using your eggs)

  • Please help keep our prices low by recycling and returning your egg cartons
  • Call a head for availability of poultry
  • All live poultry sales are by appointment only
  • Fertile eggs must be preordered



“Best Buy on The Mountain”

“Our Prices Beat CSA – NOFA – Local Farm Stands

“Happy Hens Lay Healthy Eggs”

“From Our Hens Directly to You”

“Quality Hens Lay Quality Eggs”


Local Hens

Jersey Fresh

Arbor Day Foundation

Audubon Society

Bat Habitat

Butterfly Habitat

Hummingbird Habitat

Pesticide Free Zone

River Friendly

Regenerative Farming Practices

Biosecurity Practices

Sourland Steward

Wildlife Habitat


New Jersey Outdoor Alliance – NJOA

Littoral Society

Fraternal  Order of Police – FOP

New Jersey Honor Legion – NJHL

Police Benevolent Association – PBA

American Legion

Veterans of Foreign Wars – VFW

United Service Organizations – USO

Disabled American Veterans – DAV

Paralyzed Veterans of America – PVA

Blind Veteran Association – BVA


Hatched & Raised on our New Jersey Farmstead

Hatched & Raised from Our Own Eggs

Proper Rooster to Hen Ratio

Enriched Colony

Regenerative Farming Practices

Biosecurity Practices

Raised in Mountain Fresh Air & Sunshine

Free Range & Secured at Night to Protect from Predators

Fed Natural Organic Feed & Mountain Cool Well Water

Supplemental Feed – Natural Foraging, Cracked Corn, Seeds & Grains,

Vegetables, Fruits & Berries, Oyster Shells, Mealworms, Fodder,

Fermented Seeds & Grains,

(No Antibiotics, GMO’s, Hormones, Pesticides or Meat by Products Used)

Eggs are Lightly Hand Rinsed with Fresh Cool Well Water Only to Preserve the Egg’s Bloom

(No Soaps, Chemicals or Scrubbing Used)

Eggs are Harvested, Rinsed & Refrigerated Daily


  • Buyers are responsible for knowing their town ordinances.
  • Buyers are responsible for having the proper knowledge, supplies, feed and equipment prior to any purchase and how to use them.
  • Buyers are encouraged to contact the farm with questions or guidance.
  • No guarantee on chick’s sex – Sold as straight run and unsexed.
  • No guarantee on fertile egg egg hatch rates – Too many variables from time of sale to end of incubation period. (Handling, set up, incubator type, knowledge, procedures, settings, turning, lock down, outside influences and mother nature)
  • No refunds, returns, exchanges without prior written agreement at time of sale.
  • Any agreed upon chick returns, must be returned uninjured and in healthy condition.
  • All sales are final.
  • All sales are cash sales (No credit cards, checks, money orders, PayPal, etc)


Rhode Island Reds are domestic American breed chickens. They were developed in the late nineteenth century in the states of Massachusetts & Rhode Island by cross breeding Malay & Brown Leghorn chickens

Primary Use: Dual-Purpose for Eggs & Meat

Secondary Use: Pets & Hobby

Annual Egg Production: High – 260 per Hen

Egg Size:  Large / Extra Large

Egg Color: Brown

Recognized Varity: Single Rose-Colored Comb

Temperament: Cold Hardy


Northern Bobwhite are a moderately sized quail that is the only ground dwelling small game bird fowl native to Eastern North America.

Primary use: Dual-Purse for Meat & Eggs

Secondary use: Hunting, Dog Training, Pets, Hobby, 4-H

Annual egg production: Medium 60 to 75

Egg size: Small

Egg color: White

Recognized variety: Rounded shape body, Rufous colored plumage, Short curved bill

Temperament: Cold Hardy


Required Items

Chick Feeder

Chick Waterer

Chick Starter/Grower Feed

Pine Shavings or Chopped Straw

Poultry Lamp or 100-watt Incandescent Bulb


Brooder (Examples: large tub, cage, pen, box, container)

Optional: – Brooder cover (Examples: wire, screen, grating)


Place brooder in draft free area

Place 2″ to 4″ layer of bedding in bottom of brooder

Fill and place feeder & waterer

Add marbles to waterer base or use a non-drowning waterer base

Set up poultry lamp about 20″ above one end of brooder

Place thermometer near poultry lamp near brooder floor

Brooder must be ready to go prior to chick’s arrival

Brooder temperature should be 90*F to 95*F for the first (2) weeks

Reduce temperature by (5) degrees each week for the first month

Adjust heat by raising or lowering the poultry lamp

Supply fresh clean water & feed as needed

Remove & replace soiled bedding as needed


Brooder floor shouldn’t be smooth or slippery

Don’t use cedar chips, newspaper, saw dust, treated chips

Keep pets away from brooder

Keep combustibles away from poultry lamp

Don’t over crowd brooder

Monitor temperature & chick behavior frequently 

Chicks will be huddled close together when cold

Chicks will be spread out when warm and comfortable


About Our Eggs:

Freshest eggs I ever tasted

Great yellow/orange yolks

The egg whites make incredible meringue

Double yolk surprise

Very delicious eggs

Reminds me of the good ole days

The best eggs ever

We love them and so do the kids

We absolutely love them

Fantastic eggs for cooking and baking

Freshest tasting eggs

Their so much better than store brought

I tried them once and been coming back for more

About Our Chicks & Chickens:

Are very smart

Are Friendly and cute

All-American breed

Reliably egg layers

Terrific pets

They get along with our dog & cats

Excellent layers

Great layers

No aggression problems

They don’t mind being handled

Very inquisitive

Hardy chickens

Dedicated egg layers

Not a flighty bird

They know how to run to protection

Most beautiful chickens

They are friendly and trusting

My son has even taken them to school for show & tell

I love my RIRs!

They’re so funny to watch

They follow us around the yard

I can’t think of any negatives about them

Great mother hens

My favorite breed

My bird of choice

Have no regrets

We love our chicks

About Our Other Services:

Good hatch rates

Very productive rooster

My hens are satisfied

Very satisfied with incubation and brooder services

My hens were well cared for